We concentrate on achieving excellence in energy efficient solutions, whilst maintaining a commercial outlook.

We aim to provide a high-quality and professional service for the building and construction industry. BuildGreen Romania offers a full range of services and advice on sustainable design and construction, along with renewable and low-carbon energy solutions. These sustainability services are carried out to suit your individual environmental needs and can be chosen as a full package or individual services.

The main principles which BuildGreen Romania applies to its projects are:
– to influence the building design such that it uses energy, water, and natural resources efficiently;
– to provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for building occupants;
– and to reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of the building on the natural environment by reducing pollution, waste and deterioration of the natural environment.

Our core values are sustainable innovation, integrity and environmental mutual benefit, without compromise to our planet.

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BuildGreen Romania provides sustainability advice on a wide range of environmental, social and economic issues related to build environment. These services can be provided either alone or as part of a package, incorporating our management, assessment or audit skills and experience.

Whether you are a developer, owner, contractor or architect we can help you implement cost-effective techniques that will make your project green and meet the requirements of a rating system – BREEAM or LEED


We view BREEAM and LEED requirements as a vital part of the design process and, as a matter of course, will conduct a green building pre-assessment workshop with you and your design team at the concept stage.
Our early involvement always stimulates healthy debate and challenges design philosophy, whilst ultimately allowing you to benchmark your scheme and understand the likely outcome under a formal assessment. Our scope will continue to include design stage and post construction review, leading ultimately to a formal certification.


BREEAM In-Use is newest scheme which allows building managers to reduce the running costs and will improve the environmental performance of existing buildings.

The general principle of this scheme is for the building owner/manager to initially assess their building under different categories, through an accessible questionnaire, and once the sections are completed to employ an Auditor to go through their answers in order that BREEAM certification can be achieved. We are BREEAM In-Use Auditors.

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